Url to be converted to PDF/Screenshot
Html to be converted to PDF/Screenshot
PDF Margin Top in mm
PDF Margin Right in mm
PDF Margin Bottom in mm
PDF Margin Left in mm
PDF Paper Width in pixels
PDF Paper Height in pixels
PDF Paper Format
Return PDF or JSON Response
Return incoming params in JSON Response
Make and return screenshot in png format, also return PDF
Delay the taking of Screenshot/PDF in miliseconds
Wait for a period of 500 ms with no network activity before taking the Screenshot/PDF
Browser Window Width in pixels
Browser Window Height in pixels
Take Full Page Screenshot/PDF.
You can specify clicks on the page.
Example: #selector1
You can control which pages should be exported
Example: 1-5, 8, 11-13
Mobile emulation
Mobile emulation
Scroll down the page to bottom
Wait X miliseconds after each scroll
Wait X miliseconds after the page is scrolled down
Scroll back to top of the page
Render document with css grayscale filter